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Hair Salon Services for Hair Loss in Lexington, KY


Haircuts and Colors

  • Men's Hair Cuts and Colors
  • Women's Hair Cuts and Colors
  • Children's Haircuts and Colors

Wig Services

  • Partial Bonding services: Involves attaching hair pieces with clips
  • Full Bonding services: Involves attaching hair pieces with glue or tape
  • Coloring and Styling Wig Services
Hair Loss Products Hair By Kimberly

Hair Loss Services

Due to medical reasons, Alopecia, or Thinning

Hair Products

Kimberly carries hair products for natural hair and hair pieces. Visit or call 859-363-5467 today for more information!

Lindi Skin Care Line

This is a unique product because it can truly be beneficial for every cancer patient's needs. It eases and soothes for sensitive skin, while the mild formula is perfect for lotion, as well as face and body wash.