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Wigs and Hair Replacement In Lexington KY

Wig Boutique Hair By Kimberly

Wigs and Hair Replacement In Lexington KY.

Hair loss can be a devastating and hard to endure. Kimberly's goal is to relieve some of that stress. Choosing a hair loss solution can improve the way you look, but most importantly the way you feel. Kimberly offers multiple hair loss treatment options to fit each persons need, and meet expectations.


Kimberly is one of the few that carry Cyber Hair in Kentucky. This product is used for custom pieces and the hair is made most like human hair. It is able to duplicate the texture of human hair to stimulate your own. This solution is developed for the active lifestyle and has an impressive durability. It is also light, soft, and has style memory retention.

Human Hair and Synthetic Wigs

Custom Human Hair Wigs

High quality human hair wigs may be your best choice. With affordable prices, we are able to design the wig with a color of your choice and molded to the shape of your head. These wigs are light weight and comfortable. Just like your original hair, you will be able to use heating products, style and cut your wig. With proper care, they can last awhile, resulting in less stress for you!

High-Quality Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic lace front wigs give the illusion that the hair is really growing from your head! They are not as painful as extensions but give a similar effect in the look. These wigs work best for women with thinning or dispersed hair loss who just want a few clip in applications to create more volume. It is also ideal for women without hair who want the safety of tape or a glue application. This is the most affordable design, especially if it is intended to be a temporary and reliable solution for medical hair replacement.

Wig Boutique

Kimberly offers a calm and private space for your own personal fitting.

Private Consultations

The private consultation includes a private room, so you can try everything on before you purchase. It is confidential and Kimberly will be available to help you make the best decision.

Custom Human Hairpieces

This solution involves using your own hair to blend with the hair piece. Hair is combined to match the direction and angle of your own hair growth which is virtually indistinguishable and unnoticed. To finish the look, Kimberly will be able to cut and style your look.